our story

In 2017, we embarked on a journey that led to the birth of AKU’s. Our first Dine-in outlet opened its doors in Defence Colony Main Market in January 2018, marking the beginning of an adventure that would challenge the giants of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) world. We dared to bring forth a burger brand that was true to its roots, proudly embracing the motto,

food philosphy

Fast Food Service...

AKU’s aims to be a casual &
‘community-driven’ food outlet
that has a quick turnaround time
for it’s customers.

The focus is on
premium quality American ‘fast
but slow’ food with influences from around the world.

‘Fast but slow’ food is the concept used by us to describe good quality, responsibly grown & unadulterated sourcing – that, simply put, will not be
‘fast food’

...Slow Food Values

AKU’s is run by Chef Akriti Malhotra, an alumni of The Culinary Institute of America.

Quick, quality burgers without a lengthy wait, that's what it's got.

Duh-uh! Co founded by two young Indians in the heart of India’s Capital!

Keep em burger real - No preservative or fillers in our patties! All our patties are made in-house.

Moving Forward

The triumph of our initial venture fueled our ambitions, propelling us to expand our horizons. The allure of DLF Cyber Hub beckoned, and we answered with an outlet that not only satisfied the taste buds but also invited guests to linger in the inviting Al Fresco Seating Area. Our journey took another delightful turn in November 2021 when an invitation arrived from the venerable Delhi Gymkhana Club. What was meant to be a seasonal presence swiftly turned into a permanent fixture, as our offerings resonated with the club’s patrons.

And now, the crescendo of our evolution: we are thrilled to unveil our grandest achievement yet, the inauguration of our flagship store in Vasant Vihar! From our humble beginnings in 2017 to building a network of flagship outlets across Delhi NCR, our journey has been defined by growth, innovation, and a passion for serving the freshest and finest burgers.

Stepping into our brand-new Flagship outlet, you’ll discover a haven where trends and minimalism meet in perfect harmony. The spacious seating accommodates 45 covers, featuring stylish high tables and cozy couches that exude a laidback vibe. The color palette of grey, yellow, and white sets the stage, with the pop of yellow infusing energy into the ambiance—a color that has always been synonymous with our brand. We’ve also carved out a pet-friendly outdoor space, as our love for dogs knows no bounds.

Upon entering, you’ll sense the journey we’ve undertaken from the inception in 2017 to the establishment of flagship outlets throughout Delhi NCR. This outlet isn’t just a place to savor epicurean burgers; it’s a space where everyone can immerse themselves in a contemporary setting while relishing our culinary creations.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We look forward to welcoming you to our new flagship store, where every bite carries the essence of our passionate journey.


Chef Akriti Malhotra

CEO | Chef | Co-founder

An Economics Degree, a stint in Risk Advisory at Ernst & Young, a formal education as a trained chef from The Culinary Institute of America, New York, working experiences at French Michelin 3 star Fine Dine Restaurants in New York and then finally as an Executive Sous Chef at DIVA restaurants, Akriti Malhotra realised that the burger she could grab so casually around the block in Manhattan was not available anywhere in Delhi and for that matter, not even the whole of India.

Hoping to open a homegrown space that could serve up those original burgers as well as her iteration of the burgers, fries, ice-cream milkshakes, and poutines that are made from scratch, food she craved and would absolutely enjoy, became the inception of AKU’s in 2017.

She went from being a chef at a french fine dine restaurant to someone making sure that everyone in Delhi gets their fix of good sumptuous burgers and more, that are the real thing and not laden with preservatives.

“At AKU’s, since inception we stick to our tagline “real ingredients taste better”- making sure that whatever we serve is made with the most premium quality of ingredients keeping the casual tone in mind.”