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Cooking Instructions from Chef Akriti on how we brrgrr-it-up at AKU'S


Ate the Best Burger Ever, Well done Chef Akriti! Read more

Chef Ritu Dalmia on Twitter

The Meister is the Best Casual Burger: Akriti Malhotra is a former Diva chef who now runs two burger outlets, including one near my home. She does many kinds of burgers but my favourite is the Meister Burger. Read more

Mr.Vir Sanghvi via his Blog Rude Food

Only an @akus_thebrrgrrco can transform @zomatoin into a dating app. #loveyourself

Freddy Birdy

So that was lunch! And very good it was too! @akus_thebrrgrrco really is the best!
#burgers #lunch #sogood #guiltypleasure

Mrs. Seema Goswami

My longest lasting relationship to date has been with @akus_thebrrgrrco ( If you love someone, it’s not a cheat day.)

Freddy Birdy

Nobody understands how important burgers are to my existence. OK, like 10 people understand my desperate love for meat. But Coronavirus doesn't. But today, after almost 4 months of lockdown, thanks to @akus_thebrrgrrco brrgrr kits, from the comfort of my own home in Greater Noida, I was able to enjoy one of the most sinful burger experiences of my life. Read more

Varoon Anand


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